Welcome to The Milbridge Public Library

The New Milbridge Public Library is open in the Town Office complex. Come see us!Scooped

The new space expands expands the town’s library from 1,204 square feet to 1,831 square feet of space,  About 30 percent of the new space is devoted to books and an area for children’s programming.

The Milbridge Public Library is one of just a few public libraries open full-time in Washington County. Founded in 1990, it is rapidly become a vital, steadily growing, and constantly evolving community resource, enriching the lives of many. Everyone is welcome to use the library and library cards are free.



A reading of Scooped by the authors

20141010_102627Welcome Amanda!

Feel free to stop in and meet our new librarian, Amanda Fickett!  Amanda has brought a new energy to the library with her helpful nature and inspiring ideas for things to come.

Cans 4 Books Program

Cans 4 Books Recycling ProgramLet your recyclables benefit the MPL! Deposit your returnable cans and bottles in the container at the Milbridge Gulf. You can also take your returnables to the Milbridge Redemption at 29 Elm Street and ask that they be put on the MPL’s account.